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Ricochet Squad: Join the Ultimate 3v3 Hero Shooter Experience

Platform: Android


Dive into the adrenaline-pumping world of Ricochet Squad, a top-down 3v3 hero shooter game where teamwork and precision shooting are equally essential for victory.

Epic Multiplayer Showdown

In this tactical online multiplayer spectacle, you’ll take on the role of various heroes, each equipped with their own unique abilities, tools, and weaponry. Whether you prefer wielding a simple firearm or summoning miniature black holes, these heroes cater to diverse playstyles. Engage in intense battles across destructible and interactive maps that transform as you unleash destruction. The game is set in a captivating near-future world, complete with a rich backstory and an exhilarating narrative.

Short, Action-Packed Matches

ricochet squad
ricochet squad

Ricochet Squad offers short and sweet 3v3 PvP co-op battles that last just 2-3 minutes. Team up with your real-life friends as a squad or forge new friendships with players from around the globe. Experiment with the intricate interactions between your abilities, the dynamic arena environment, and your fellow players. Prepare to be amazed by the emergent gameplay that arises when countless combat interactions come together to create something truly unique.

Control Mode

Currently, Ricochet Squad features one intense battle mode: Control. In this co-op mode, your squad must fight to establish dominance over the central location by holding the zone against the enemy team, no matter what it takes.

Meet the Heroes

ricochet squad 1
ricochet squad 1

Leo: A jetpack-riding rebel with unmatched speed, Leo soars above the battlefield, delivering his brand of justice. Engage enemies in close-quarters combat, evade their gaze, and rain down destruction from above.

Twinkle: Armed with mines, rockets, and explosive devices, Twinkle is a genius of mayhem. When the stars align, she can wreak havoc on the battlefield. Always ready for action, she stands by her fellow heroes.

Oni: A powerful psychic who can manipulate and hurl massive objects with her mind, blink through obstacles, and unleash her trusty baseball bat in close combat. Mastering her abilities takes time, but the results are devastating.

Remedy: The team’s playmaker medic, Remedy deploys healing grenades, tactical jump pads, and a colossal Black Hole to reshape the flow of the game. At the pinnacle of her power, she can both deal and heal damage like no other in this 3v3 PvP action.

Calibri: Invisible to the naked eye of other heroes, Calibri is a deadly sniper with a controllable portable tornado ultimate. She can create her own high ground in any arena, making her a formidable adversary for sniper duels.

The Ricochet Ship: Your Base of Operations

ricochet squad 3
ricochet squad 3

Embark on an adventure with the heroes and become a legend aboard the Ricochet, a ship with an enthralling backstory that serves as your base of operations. It’s your profile, your treasury, your training grounds, and the hub where heroes interact between battles.

Available on Google Play – PH

Prepare to immerse yourself in the world of Ricochet Squad, where skill, strategy, and teamwork converge for an unforgettable gaming experience. Join the soft launch now and be among the first to experience all the new features!

Ricochet Squad
Ricochet Squad
Developer: MY.GAMES B.V.
Price: To be announced
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