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Major Suicide Squad Bug Forces Game Offline Right After Launching

Rocksteady Games, the developer behind the highly anticipated Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, has encountered a significant issue that has forced them to take the game offline shortly after its initial launch. Despite the excitement surrounding the early release for those who preordered the Digital Deluxe edition, a major bug in the game’s story mode has created an unexpected setback.

Early Completion Glitch

Upon logging in for the first time, players discovered an alarming situation – the story mode was already marked as completed. This unexpected occurrence prompted Rocksteady Games to swiftly respond by disconnecting the servers to address the substantial issue. The developer acknowledged the inconvenience and announced that the always-online game would be offline for “several hours” while they worked on resolving the problem.

Developer’s Response

Taking to the game’s official Twitter account on January 29, Rocksteady Games expressed their regret about the situation and assured players that they were actively working on a solution. The studio promised to provide an update as soon as more information became available. The unexpected hiccup affected players worldwide, particularly those in regions like New Zealand, where the game launched first.

Call for Offline Mode

The incident has ignited a discussion among players about the necessity of an offline mode. Some users took to social media to emphasize the importance of having an offline mode, pointing out that such issues could be avoided with this feature. Rocksteady Games has acknowledged these concerns and has already committed to introducing an offline mode later this year. However, this assurance doesn’t offer immediate relief to those wanting to play during server maintenance.

This is why games have offline modes, how many times do these companies have to learn the same lesson?” – SynthPotato

“Offline mode needs to be a top priority!” – ghost_motley

Future Developments

As of now, the game has not received any reviews since the publisher chose not to provide codes to outlets. The reactions and critiques from fans and reviewers are expected to surface in the coming days as they explore the game. Rocksteady Games has outlined its plans for the live-service third-person brawler-shooter, including the addition of The Joker in March, new seasonal content, and more. Despite the initial setback, the developers remain committed to delivering an engaging and evolving gaming experience.

In summary, the unexpected bug has forced Rocksteady Games to temporarily shut down the game servers, sparking discussions about the need for an offline mode. While the developer is actively working on a solution, players await further updates and reviews once the game becomes accessible again.

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