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Nightingale: Neo-Victorian Survival Game by Former BioWare Devs Opens Signups for Server Stress Test

Nightingale, a highly anticipated neo-Victorian survival game developed by Inflexion Games—a studio led by former BioWare general manager Aaryn Flynn and staffed by other BioWare veterans—is gearing up for an open server stress test. The game, set to launch into early access in February, promises a unique premise where neo-Victorian explorers venture through portals to investigate dangerous otherworldly realms. Ahead of its release, the studio is inviting players to participate in a stress test to ensure a smooth experience when the game hits early access.

How to Participate in the Stress Test

To join the stress test, interested players can visit the Nightingale page on Steam and click the “request access” button. It’s important to note that pre-purchasing the game is not required for participation. Even if players have taken part in previous playtests, they will need to sign up again, as previous keys won’t grant access to this specific test.

Details and Expectations for the Stress Test

Inflexion Games recognizes that, being a beta test, there might be some challenges during the stress test. The goal is to gather valuable information to prepare for the Early Access launch in February. The team encourages participants to expect various outcomes, whether it’s a smooth experience or server-related challenges.

The studio expressed its willingness to communicate with participants throughout the process via the official Discord channel. The stress test is an opportunity for players to explore the game’s realms and enjoy the initial hours of gameplay. While some participants may experience longer-than-usual connection times or difficulties connecting, the insights gained will contribute to refining the game for a more polished early access launch.

For those intrigued by the blend of the crafting-survival genre and the unique neo-Victorian setting, Nightingale’s stress test provides a chance to get an early taste of what the game has to offer.

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