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Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat – An Action-Packed Adventure Worthy of Dante


Capcom’s renowned Devil May Cry series has finally found its way onto the mobile gaming scene with Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat by NebulaJoy. This action-packed game boasts stunning graphics, featuring characters and settings from previous entries in the franchise. As players step into the shoes of iconic characters like Dante, Lady, and Virgil, they embark on a thrilling journey battling fierce demons and exploring a gothic world to thwart a demonic invasion of Earth.

Epic Storyline

In Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat, players assume the roles of Dante and Lady as they confront the King of Demons and strive to halt the demonic invasion of Earth. From navigating demon-infested libraries to traversing wintery landscapes like Zephyr Plain, the game’s compelling storyline seamlessly integrates with the core gameplay, ensuring an immersive gaming experience without sacrificing the fast-paced action.

Fast-Paced, Fluid Combat

devil may cry peak of combat 1
devil may cry peak of combat 1

Unleash the Power of Devil May Cry on Mobile

Worried that Devil May Cry’s signature combat wouldn’t translate well to mobile platforms? Fear not! Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat delivers compelling, fast-paced battle sequences that capture the essence of the series. While the combat may not reach the intricacies of console versions, the game’s fluid combat and strategic elements are sure to captivate both long-time fans and newcomers alike.

Masterful Moves and Skills

Each character, be it Dante, Lady, or Virgil, comes equipped with a basic attack, secondary attack, QTE, style skill, and ultimate skill. Combining these in battle yields devastating effects, while passive skills and evasion/jump maneuvers add depth to the gameplay. The game even grades your performance from S to F, providing a nostalgic touch to the overall experience.

Collectible Heroes

devil may cry peak of combat 1
devil may cry peak of combat 1

Build Your Arsenal of Legendary Characters

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat allows seamless switching between three equipped characters during battle. From Demon Hunter Dante to Swift Arsenal Lady, each character boasts a unique skill set and signature look. As you progress, collect Gems to summon new heroes and equipment, unlocking different versions of Dante, Lady, Vergil, Nero, and V. With diverse skills and stunning character designs, collecting each version becomes a thrilling adventure in itself.

Upgrade Weapons and Skills

Aside from enhancing characters, upgrading weapons and skills is crucial for success. Equip characters with cards that offer bonuses such as increased fire damage, HP, critical damage, or attack. Pay attention to the varied bonuses of cards with the same name, as they can significantly impact your strategy.

Pizza Time – Managing Stamina

The Energy Mechanic Challenge

While Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat offers an exhilarating experience, it introduces an energy mechanic similar to mobile gacha games. Represented by pizza slices, stamina is essential to enter battles and regenerates over time. Convert 200 gems into 60 stamina if impatience strikes, but beware of in-app purchase suggestions for continued gameplay. Despite this drawback, players can enjoy several chapters before feeling the pinch of stamina regeneration.


Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat is undeniably a captivating mobile action game, successfully capturing the essence of the beloved series. The stamina system may pose a minor inconvenience, but the game’s fluid combat, stellar graphics, and the joy of collecting iconic characters make it a worthy addition to the Devil May Cry legacy. Engage in an action-packed adventure and unleash your demon-slaying skills in Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat.

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat
Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat
Developer: nebulajoy
Price: To be announced
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