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Codename CrossFire 0: A New Mobile Action Game by Tencent Games

Tencent Games is currently orchestrating an exciting project named Codename CrossFire 0, or simply CF0, developed by the studio TiMi Y3. This upcoming mobile game holds the promise of capturing the essence of the well-known IP, offering a fresh take on the beloved CrossFire universe.

A Glance at the Game

A brief introduction to the game has already been revealed, teasing the anticipation for Codename CrossFire 0. This new title is set to inherit the legacy of the widely recognized IP, CrossFire, which has enthralled audiences for years.

The CF0 Experiencecfo

Codename CF0 will provide a 3D experience with 2D artistry. The popularity of the CrossFire franchise has been firmly established, with its first release in South Korea in 2007. Since then, it has gained widespread popularity globally, amassing millions of players across 80 countries, totaling a lifelong user count of over 1 billion. Numerous sequels have seen success, and CrossFire 0 is the latest installment to emerge.

Tencent, in China, serves as the publisher and operator of the mobile version. Reports suggest that the game is built on the breakthrough UE4 (Unreal Engine 4). At first glance, CrossFire 0 appears to be a 3D shooting game with an appealing 2D art style. The combination of these elements is expected to offer an outstanding gaming experience.

Development and Innovation

Tencent underwent organizational adjustments last year, adding four new game studios. Additionally, the TiMi J3 Studio Group was divided into Y1, Y2, and Y3 studios to facilitate the release of a variety of shooting games. Among these, TiMi Y3 Studio is responsible for developing the mobile version of CrossFire and introducing new IP games.

The game’s recruitment phase has begun, as different positions for CF0’s development and marketing have been posted on the official website. Given that the game has just been announced, substantial improvements and optimizations may be necessary before its launch. This suggests a well-thought-out direction for the development process.

Global Prospectscfo

Currently, the game announcement is exclusive to the Chinese market, and the website content is available only in Chinese. However, there’s a strong possibility that CF0 will also have a global release following its launch in China, considering the immense popularity of the CrossFire brand.

For more information about the game, you can visit the official website: CF0 Official Website

Stay tuned for the launch of Codename CrossFire 0, a game poised to carry on the legacy of the iconic CrossFire franchise and bring fresh experiences to players in the mobile gaming arena.

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