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Mutant Meltdown: Survive and Thrive in a Post-Apocalyptic World

Unleash the Apocalypse

In the wake of a catastrophic nuclear disaster, the world as we know it crumbled into chaos. Humanity’s fight for survival took a grim turn as mutants emerged from the radioactive ruins. Welcome to the hauntingly immersive world of Mutant Meltdown – a gripping, turn-based, post-apocalyptic adventure that will put your survival skills to the ultimate test.

A Desolate World, a Group of Survivors

As the leader of a group of survivors, your primary objective in Mutant Meltdown is clear – survive at all costs. This fast-paced turn-based game, peppered with roguelike elements, thrusts you into the heart of an unforgiving post-apocalyptic landscape. You’ll need to navigate the challenges of this bleak new world, from scavenging for crucial supplies to fending off relentless mutants.

Thrive or Perish

mutant meltdown 1
mutant meltdown 1

The ultimate goal in Mutant Meltdown is to establish a stable and thriving colony. But this won’t come easy. Your journey will be riddled with perilous encounters, fierce mutant foes, and the constant need to adapt and evolve to stand a chance.

Key Features:

Scavenge and Survive

Explore the desolate locations left in the wake of the apocalypse, scavenging for vital supplies such as resources, weapons, ammunition, clothing, food, medicine, and more. Your ability to gather these resources will be the lifeline that keeps your group alive.

Manage Your Survivors

Every survivor in your group brings unique skills to the table. Equip them strategically according to their abilities, enhancing their chances of survival in this harsh new world.

Fortify Your Camp

In a world overrun by mutants, your camp serves as a sanctuary. Build and upgrade it to withstand attacks and provide safety for your group.

Diverse Roles

Assign tasks to your survivors based on their strengths. Some excel at scavenging, while others are skilled in construction. Utilize their abilities wisely to maximize your chances of survival.

Seek Other Survivors

Venture out into the post-apocalyptic wasteland and search for other survivors. In this harsh reality, alliances can mean the difference between life and death.

Radiation and Perks

Radiation is an ever-present threat. Equip protective gear to mitigate its effects, but beware – too much radiation can lead to strange and unpredictable mutations.

Crafting and Vehicle Upgrades

Repair and craft essential items, and discover mod schematics to enhance your equipment. Upgrade and utilize vehicles for both transportation and defense.

Events with Consequences

mutant meltdown 2
mutant meltdown 2

Navigate through a variety of events, each with multiple possible outcomes. Your choices will shape the course of your journey.

Mutant Meltdown challenges you to adapt, strategize, and survive in a world where danger lurks around every corner. Can you lead your group of survivors to safety and prosperity, or will you succumb to the relentless mutants? The choice is yours in this thrilling post-apocalyptic adventure.

Mutant Meltdown
Mutant Meltdown
Developer: GoldenGod Games
Price: $2.99
‎Mutant Meltdown
‎Mutant Meltdown
Price: Free+
Mutant Meltdown
Mutant Meltdown
Developer: GoldenGod Games
Price: $ 9.99
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