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LMHT Cheating Reaches Unprecedented Heights, Leaving Riot Games Stunned

The Ongoing Battle Against Cheating in LMHT

Cheating in League of Legends (LMHT) has always been vehemently opposed by the community, regardless of its form. LMHT, a game that showcases individual skills, loses its meaning when even highly skilled gamers face defeat against cheaters.

the ongoing battle against cheating in lmht
the ongoing battle against cheating in lmht

Cheating in LMHT always faces strong opposition due to its impact on the game’s fairness.

A Surprising Escalation in LMHT Cheating

Despite Riot Games‘ continuous efforts, recent developments have left the LMHT community astonished. The discovery of new hacking and cheating software in LMHT has raised concerns, as these tools seem to have reached unprecedented levels. What’s more surprising is their capability to introduce entirely new features within the LMHT client, a domain traditionally reserved for Riot Games.

Unveiling the New Wave of Cheating

The story unfolds as streamers and Ranked players on the Western Europe server stumble upon accounts exhibiting signs of cheating. Streamer Kerberos, in particular, shared images directly received from these individuals, exposing the use of third-party cheating software. Shockingly, the cheaters admitted to playing over 2000 matches with the cheat software without facing any account bans.

the ongoing battle against cheating in lmht 1
the ongoing battle against cheating in lmht 1

Streamer Kerberos received direct evidence of cheating, including admissions from the culprits.

The Rise of Advanced Cheating Features

Notably, this cheating software introduces a “crash lobby” feature, causing matches to crash during champion selection. This allows cheaters to exit matches without losing ranking points or facing penalties. Moreover, the software provides comprehensive information about teammates and opponents, redirecting users to their Op.gg or U.gg profiles.

the ongoing battle against cheating in lmht 2
the ongoing battle against cheating in lmht 2

Advanced cheating software now introduces features like “crash lobby” and provides detailed player information.

The Danger of Advanced Cheating Software

This cheating software even has the capability to create additional features within the LMHT client, a task traditionally attributed to Riot Games. It’s crucial to understand that Riot Games has long concealed this information, making the existence of these features a legal violation. The involvement of hackers in modifying the LMHT client poses a significant security threat, potentially leading to unauthorized access to player accounts and personal information.

The Call for Riot Vanguard Integration

At this juncture, Riot Games, with the effective anti-cheat tool Riot Vanguard in VALORANT, may need to consider its application to LMHT. Riot Vanguard in VALORANT has proven to be a robust solution, and extending its reach to LMHT could potentially eliminate the resurgence of cheating incidents like the ones described above.

The Riot Vanguard anti-cheat tool has been effective in VALORANT and may be a solution for LMHT.

In conclusion, as the LMHT community grapples with the unexpected surge in cheating, Riot Games faces the challenge of adopting more effective anti-cheat measures. The integration of Riot Vanguard from VALORANT into LMHT could be a pivotal step in ensuring fair play and maintaining the integrity of this beloved game.

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