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Rockstar Games Facing Data Leak Crisis: GTA 5 Source Code and GTA 6 Info Breached

Cyber Intrusion Challenges Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games grappled with a massive cyber breach last year, resulting in the illicit dissemination of Grand Theft Auto 6 gameplay. However, recent developments suggest a larger fallout—leaked source codes of Grand Theft Auto 5 and confidential Bully 2 and GTA 6 documents are now in the public domain. This poses potential threats not only to the games but also to players.

Turbulence at Rockstar Games

A tumultuous year unfolded for Rockstar Games, besieged by cyberattacks disrupting their operations. Previously, a cyber intrusion led to the unauthorized release of an hour-long Grand Theft Auto 6 gameplay video. Now, plans for the highly anticipated trailer launch have been compromised, forcing an early release. This latest breach intensifies challenges for Rockstar Games.

GTA 5 Source Code Leak

gta 5 2
gta 5 2

A recent tweet by GTA Focal unveiled the online leakage of GTA 5 source code following exchanges among select individuals. Reports indicate a 4GB file containing primary source code leaked, though the full version remains unrevealed. This extensive file, housing content and 3D models, could facilitate game development. The speculated complete source code size stands at a staggering 200GB.

Despite link removals, the source code proliferates across various social media platforms. Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games strive to eliminate online GTA 5 source code links. However, reports persist of hackers contemplating widespread dissemination of this 200GB source code. Unlike the previous cyberattack, these files have only recently become public.

GTA Series Under Threat

The repercussions extend beyond GTA 5, encompassing files from the long-awaited Bully 2 and segments of GTA 6 code. Additionally, unreleased DLC, including content linked to GTA 5’s Trevor as hinted in prior leaks, emerged. Also unearthed is a map from the purportedly scrapped “Agent” project, inspired by the James Bond franchise.

For unsuspecting gamers, this leak poses a significant threat, allowing hackers to identify vulnerabilities and potentially execute remote hacks on player systems. This heightens concerns regarding GTA Online’s safety, transforming it into a high-risk gaming environment. Additionally, this incident coincides with the Western holiday season, potentially exacerbating the situation for Rockstar Games and its development team, who might be on holiday.

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