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Riot Makes a Grand Gesture for Their Beloved Game: Unveiling 10 Lunar New Year Skins, 9 of Which Are Exclusive!

Tugging at Heartstrings

Riot’s beloved game is truly setting the stage for an exceptional 2024.

The Bombshell Reveal

Moments ago, Canserole, the YouTube channel known for delivering fresh updates about Wild Rift, dropped a bombshell video that left viewers awestruck. This leaker disclosed that Riot’s renowned game will introduce 10 brand-new skins for the Lunar New Year 2024 celebration. Astonishingly, among these 10 skins, only one bears a familiar name from the League of Legends universe. The remaining 9 skins are exclusive, reserved solely for Mobile gamers in the upcoming period.

The Exquisite Collectio

riot makes a grand gesture
riot makes a grand gesture

These 10 skins are divided into two distinct lines: Lunar God and Dragon New Year. Featuring auspicious champions such as Nasus, Kai’sa, Morgana, Pantheon, Aurelion Sol; Graves, Zyra, Zeri, Thresh, and Aatrox, these skins promise to captivate players’ attention, as they are all highly popular and boast massive fanbases. Expectedly, these skins are set to become the centerpiece of the 2024 Lunar New Year events, enticing players to hunt and collect them avidly.

Exclusive Appearances

The Lunar God series, including only Nasus from League of Legends, and the anticipated Aurelion Sol (post-rework), are poised to be exceptionally visually stunning.

Continuing the Tradition

Additionally, five other brand-new representatives will adorn themselves in the Dragon New Year skins, continuing the legacy established by the 2023 Lunar New Year collection.

A Glorious Year of the Dragon

Building upon the success of the 2023 Lunar New Year collection, it’s safe to say that Wild Rift will turn the “Year of the Dragon” into a resounding success. Despite some disappointment among players due to Shyvana’s absence in these two new collections, the current excitement within the Wild Rift community remains undeniable.

Anticipation Peaks

For Wild Rift enthusiasts, the immediate priority is to stockpile resources swiftly, ensuring they’re well-prepared for the impending explosive Lunar New Year celebration. With hopes high for more detailed images in the coming month, the community’s curiosity continues to grow, eagerly awaiting further reveals from the developers.

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