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Deadzone: Zombie Survival Games – Pre-registration Open for Android


Prepare for the ultimate zombie apocalypse in Deadzone: Zombie Survival Games. This gripping FPS zombie shooter game sets you in a post-apocalyptic world where zombies have taken over and enslaved humanity. Your mission is to kill zombies, defend your base, and emerge as a survivor in this thrilling online zombie game.

Key Features

zombie survival games 1
zombie survival games 1

1. Zombie Hunter Adventure

2. FPS Zombie Shooter Action

  • Kill Zombies: Become the ultimate Zombie Hunter as you take on challenging scenarios and shoot your way through the undead hordes.
  • Offline Gameplay: Enjoy Zombie Shooting Games offline, proving your FPS zombie hunting skills even without an internet connection.

3. Arsenal of Weapons and Equipment

  • Weapon Variety: Choose from a vast array of weapons, including machine guns, shotguns, and sniper rifles, to efficiently eliminate zombies.
  • Hero Upgrades: Upgrade and evolve your hero’s equipment and weaponry to enhance their abilities in the fight against the undead.

4. Base Building and Survival

  • Base Construction: Build a sturdy base that serves as a sanctuary for survivors in the zombie-infested world.
  • Gather Survivors: Bring together a team of survivors to strengthen your base and increase your chances of survival.

5. Infinite Zombie Apocalypse Challenges

zombie survival games 2
zombie survival games 2

6. Stunning 3D Graphics

How to Join

zombie survival games 3
zombie survival games 3

Gear up, sharpen your shooting skills, and get ready for the most intense zombie survival experience. Join the fight against the undead, protect humanity, and prove yourself as the ultimate FPS zombie shooter in Deadzone: Zombie Survival Games.

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