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The Genesis Order Walkthrough – V94011 (NEW!!!)

First Steps

1Tasha’s Shop (XX) > Warehouse > Tasha’s ShopBuy a workout shirt (store), for money go to Jon (warehouse)
2GymWorkout with Heather (Gym)
3BarnMove the hay bale (barn), push the rest out of the barn
4WarehouseGet money from Jon (warehouse), buy the shovel (shop) and farm figurines to make some money
5Free Roam & NPCsGive x1 figurine to Strip Center NPC for $200
6Apartments > Right AlleyGet the wallet, give it to Channel 4 NPC, get the Car Fob (Shop > Outside right), and give it to the Channel 4 NPC for a chest key
7Farm (Upper Left Corner)Open the chest outside the main house of the farm to get the 1st key
8ShopGo to the shop and buy enough decorations for your house to call Hanna, but you will need pages, and there are no pages so far


1Apartments > Events & ScenesExplore events & scenes in the apartments
2StoreBuy Jump Shoe
3GymBuy membership, check the locker area (right > upstairs), get the Jump Shoe (lower right corner), get the phone (on top of a locker)
4Strip Center > GrillTalk to Ella (pink hair), get out, and get into Tasha’s shop
5ForestFree Roam & NPCs
6Wikes Mansion > Garden > Right SideObtain the chest key
7Apartments > Left AlleyFind a page
8Wikes Mansion > Enter > Upstairs Left > GardenFind the statue under the left tree
9Outside Tasha’s ShopCatch the angry cat, give it to the NPC (Condos)
10StoreBooty Call: Buy the outfit for Erika, some decorations, call Erika
11Tasha’s ShopBuy the new scene


The Genesis Order Walkthrough – v09013

1ChurchTalk to Judy, move the box (lower left corner) near Chloe, get the Shredded cable (same floor Judy was), get the crafting recipe (to the right of Judy & Chloe)
2Ray’s FarmEnter the house
3ShopBuy the metal detector ($140), go to the dock and get the fishing thimble, go to the warehouse and get the Cable Crimp, find the other Cable Crimp and the lockpick in Ray’s Farm
4Craft the Rigging Cable and talk to Father Brian in the churchCraft the Rigging Cable, talk to Father Brian in the church
5PoliceEnter the building, go right, top left door, complete the minigame (all up), get the access card, leave the room, exclamation mark, enter the code: 102 (check the condos if you want)
6Free Roam & NPCsChest key: Church garden (lower right corner), Page: Open the chest (church > Attic)
7StoreBooty Call: Call Erika (New Page), Buy the new scene in Tasha’s shop
8Wikes Mansions – Lillian’s HouseLillian needs help, but it seems that you can’t help her yet


The Genesis Order Walkthrough – v12021

1Apartments > Ella > Gym > Larry (Red Shirt) > Strip CenterGift (exclamation mark), Apartments > Ella
2Heather’s HouseHelp Heather & Carol (Back of the house), Ray’s Farm > Barn > Get the fertilizer (top right), Water the plants (red hose button)
3BarnGet the crafting recipe (top left), Apartments > Right door > Ella’s Bedroom > Get the Leather Straps, Heather’s Backyard > Get the wood handle (top right), Heather’s Kitchen > Get the Dull Blade (table), Use Angelcrafting and craft the Machete
4ForestHelp Hanna and Chloe, use the Machete (Right bushes), get the Artifact Piece, give it to Jonathan (Warehouse)
5Free Roam & NPCsChest key: Farm (lower right corner), Police Station > Talk to policeman > Test, D*ck Grill > Talk to the girl > unknown locker key > Open the gym locker for $250
6ForestPage: Open the chest (Forest > Waterfall)
7StoreBooty Call: Call Ella (New Page), Buy the new photo and outfit (shop)


The Genesis Order Walkthrough – v14022

1Apartments (Meet Erika)Find the Lockpick (outside the mansion, right side), use it on the locked chest (enter the mansion > front door > right stairs), get the Mansion Room Key, back to the office, right stairs, first door, get the Burner Flip, back to the office, left stairs, check the paper (Morgan 142), unlock the Burner Flip (142), activate x2 Gargoyles inside the mansion
2Eve Cathedral (Meet Chloe)Go to Eve Cathedral again (take the lockpick outside and activate the Gargoyle), enter, go left (activate the Gargoyle), outside, get the Mysterious Key
3FarmMeet Carol
4MansionEnter the mansion, front door, left stairs, open the locked chest (silver statue)
5Free Roam & NPCsGet the Cheese (mansion > front door > right stairs), give the cheese to the rat (outside shop > left side) and get the key, Shop: Buy the picture


The Genesis Order Walkthrough – v16031


1FarmDrive Shaft Recipe > Find the Ingredients > Craft it (Angelcraft) > Give it to Hannah
2WarehouseBearing: Top right corner
3WarehouseRubber Boot: To the right of the car
4StoreGrease: Buy it (Store)
5Farm HouseBroken Drive Shaft: Unlocked after finding the recipe
6Farm HouseGet the lantern, go back with the girls (Cave)
8Police StationWarehouse > Police Station > Go right > Convince David > Interact with his computer (!) > Go left > Left > Up (Basketball court) > Go down > Go through the door (right side)
9Free Roam & NPCsPolice station: Turn the valve (outside > Left (requires more grease from the shop)) > get the ball from the girls’ restroom near the basketball court > try luck and get the chest key
10Farm > CaveOpen the chest for a new page
11XX ShopTalk with the girl in front of XX shop: Find her crucifix
12CathedralChop down the bushes (right side) > get the crucifix > give it to the girl
13Mansion > Front door > Right stairs > Right > 1st doorNew Page: Collectables: x2 Booty calls + x2 photos (shop and XX shop)


The Genesis Order Walkthrough – v19032


1Police Station > Enter > RightWikes Mansion > Talk to Lilian, activate the 5th gargoyle (number on the floor)
2XX ShopEnter and talk to Nellie, go to Wikes Mansion and use the key with both locks (near Melissa)
3Wikes MansionPush the blue block onto one of the two switches (on the floor), then stand on the other
4Heather’s HomeUpstairs > Bathroom > Get the suntan oil, get your clothes, and break the jar to get a key
5Free Roam & NPCsActivate the 5th Gargoyle: Farm > Up > Cave > Up > Go upstairs and get the Page (open the chest), Get the Shovel: Wikes Mansion > Upstairs Left
6ShopBuy the pictures and the outfits, Call Carol



1Heather’s HomeUpstairs > Bathroom > Change clothes > Pool > Kitchen (go right) > Change Clothes
2FarmBreak the Jar (Outside > Right) > Get the Aloe Lotion recipe
3Heather’s Laundry RoomHand Lotion: Right of the Kitchen
4StoreBasic Container: Buy at Store ($100)
5FarmAloe Plant: Go North twice
6CathedralEssence of Medicine: Break the Jar to get the Old Book, Another Jar Inside, Left stairs for another old book, Right Stairs, Make an offering (bronze idol)
7Heather’s HomeCraft Aloe Lotion and give it to Chloe, leave the house
8GymCathedral > Enter and get Judy’s clothing, go back, Go right, break the jar, Seed of Knowledge Recipe
9Free Roam & NPCsx3 Old Book: You have x2, Essence of Intelligence: You have it, Shop Outside: Talk to the man, Get another Aloe Plant (same location), give it to him to get a Chest Key
10Where you found Sister JudyOpen the chest to get a new page
11Wikes MansionLast Old Book: Right stairs > First door > Enter and look left > Craft Seed of Knowledge
12XX ShopNew Booty Call, Picture


The Genesis Order Walkthrough – v25051

1Go to bed
2Police Station > MelissaFind Andrea (Upstairs) > Enter Channel 4 building
3Police Interrogation RoomBreak the jar for a Metal Hook
4Channel 4 building 2nd floorGo right and get the rigging cable and the grapple hook from the table
5Wikes MansionSee the gargoyle (outside > right side > 3rd floor), click on it
6Police StationScene > Melissa office (right side)
7Free Roam & NPCsForest Waterfall: Gold Figurine, Church > Outside > left side of the building > get the key, Mansion > New area (Just go forward and before you exit you will see a chest on the left) > get a new page
8ShopBuy the dress and the picture
9Wikes MansionBooty Call (Lillian)


The Genesis Order Walkthrough – v27053


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