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The Future of God of War: Beyond Valhalla

With the release of the Valhalla update for God of War Ragnarok, the series finds itself at a crossroads, leaving fans curious about what lies ahead. Valhalla, rather than a traditional follow-up, serves as an extension to the Ragnarok narrative, sparking discussions about the future trajectory of this iconic gaming franchise.

Evolution Beyond Norse Saga

God of War Ragnarok concludes the Norse saga that began with the soft reboot of the series. The narrative shift signifies a departure from the familiar terrain explored in the latest games. Now, the critical question arises: What direction will the series take next? Will it stick with the formidable duo of Kratos and Atreus, return to focusing solely on Kratos, or perhaps take a twist with Atreus as the central character?

The Dilemma of the Protagonist

The Valhalla update, while providing new gameplay experiences, remains silent on the fate of the series’ protagonists. The uncertainty grows louder as fans wonder if the mature Kratos will revisit the Greek pantheon or venture into uncharted territories, with Egypt being a tempting but not necessarily predictable choice. As the unanswered questions pile up, the series faces the challenge of defining its next protagonist and determining the path forward.

Valhalla’s Strategic Approach

god of war ragnarok promo art
god of war ragnarok promo art

Valhalla’s approach, in many ways, seems strategic. Rather than rushing into a new major installment, it extends the player’s time with Ragnarok, affording Sony Santa Monica ample space to deliberate on the series’ future. Considering the possibility of exploring a new intellectual property (IP), the studio seems to be in no hurry to reveal its cards. This deliberate pacing allows for a more thoughtful consideration of the next steps.

The Unyielding Presence of Kratos

Kratos, the iconic character at the heart of the God of War series, continues to hold sway over the narrative. Despite the evolution and formula-shaking changes introduced in the latest iteration, the character remains a constant. The prospect of a 2.5 game, akin to Spider-Man: Miles Morales, has been discussed. Such an installment could potentially allow players to step into the shoes of Atreus within the confines of a spin-off, providing a fresh perspective without the pressure to fully take over the mantle.

A Parallel with Spider-Man’s Path

Drawing a parallel with Spider-Man’s gaming journey, where Miles Morales initially appeared in a spin-off before transitioning to a more central role in the sequel, God of War may follow a similar trajectory. The evolution from a Kratos-centric experience to a joint affair with Atreus could mirror the way Spider-Man’s narrative unfolded.

In conclusion, the future of God of War remains shrouded in uncertainty, with Valhalla acting as a strategic pause in the series’ progression. As fans eagerly await the next chapter, the studio has the opportunity to carefully craft the next installment, ensuring it aligns with the essence of the beloved franchise while introducing exciting new elements.

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