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OnePlus File manager (READ NOTES)


• Quick browsing through categories like: file type, downloads, recent files, and large files.
• Check available storage with just a glance on a simple dashboard.
• Password-protect private files, assign a password or fingerprint to files in the Lockbox.
• View all files in Internal storage and Drive.


1.General bug fixes


APK Notes:

Extracted from OnePlus N10 5G OOS 10.5.10.BE89BA

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Experience streamlined file management like never before with the latest update for your device. Discover new features that promise to simplify your interactions with files and storage. Whether you’re looking to organize your files, safeguard sensitive data, or access important information, this update has you covered. Let’s delve into the key highlights:

Intuitive Browsing

Navigate through your files effortlessly with quick browsing options. Sort files based on categories such as file type, recent downloads, and large files. This intuitive approach ensures that you find what you need, precisely when you need it.

Storage Overview at a Glance

Say goodbye to the hassle of checking storage availability. The simple dashboard provides an instant snapshot of your available storage space. Stay informed about your device’s storage capacity with just a glance.

Lockbox: Enhanced Privacy

Take control of your privacy by password-protecting private files. Assign passwords or utilize fingerprint protection for files stored in the Lockbox. Your sensitive data remains secure, accessible only to you.

Streamlined File Access

Access all your files, whether in Internal storage or Drive, with ease. No more navigating through complicated pathways; this update brings your files to the forefront, simplifying your experience.

Bug Fixes and Optimization

The update comes with general bug fixes, ensuring a smoother and more reliable user experience. Enjoy improved performance and a seamless interaction with your device’s file management system.

This update has been extracted from the OnePlus N10 5G OOS 10.5.10.BE89BA, promising enhanced functionality and a more efficient approach to managing your files.

Stay tuned for the future of file management on your device as it evolves with these exciting new features.

(Note: This information is based on the provided APK notes and is not affiliated with any specific device or software company.)

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