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Saying Goodbye to GTA V on Game Pass: Discover What’s Staying

As Grand Theft Auto V prepares to bid farewell to Game Pass, gamers are left wondering what other adventures await once this iconic title exits the stage.

GTA V’s Departure

For those immersed in the world of Grand Theft Auto V or the chaotic realm of GTA Online through Game Pass, the clock is ticking. Rockstar’s acclaimed masterpiece is set to bid adieu to Xbox Game Pass in a mere two weeks.

Having been a frequent guest on Game Pass, GTA V has graced and left the service multiple times. Originally launched back in 2013 on PS3 and Xbox 360, the game’s gripping single-player narrative follows the escapades of three diverse criminals whose lives intertwine within the vast setting of Los Santos. Its online mode has continued to captivate players even years after its debut.

What Lies Beyond

As the virtual eviction notice looms for those inhabiting Los Santos through Game Pass, Microsoft’s subscription service still boasts an array of remarkable open-world alternatives worth exploring.

Other Adventures to Dive Into

In the realm of Game Pass, both Far Cry 5 and Far Cry 6 await eager players. Far Cry 5, in particular, gained considerable acclaim for its story set amidst the untamed landscapes of Montana, tasking players with dismantling a rogue cult.

The tech-savvy realm of Watch Dogs 2 offers a substantial upgrade from its predecessor, unleashing players into an open-world Bay Area ripe for technological mayhem. Rise of the Tomb Raider further extends this genre, inviting players into a world ripe for exploration, laden with ancient tombs to raid and towering landscapes to conquer. On the lighter side, the 2014 Xbox exclusive Sunset Overdrive promises a riotous adventure, brimming with mutant-smashing chaos and playful meta references.

Beyond GTA’s Departure

Should the cosmos call, it might be time to take a leap into the unknown with Starfield. Alternatively, for those seeking sci-fi allure with a dash of humor and a slightly more linear experience, The Outer Worlds beckons exploration.

For enthusiasts of gripping crime dramas, the Yakuza series offers a vibrant and engrossing world deserving of attention.


While bidding farewell to Grand Theft Auto V on Game Pass may leave a void, the platform continues to sparkle with a trove of compelling adventures, promising no shortage of excitement and escapades for gamers.

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