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Zombies Retreat Guide & Walkthrough

1BasementGo to the basement and learn about crafting and survival
2UpstairsTalk to Rachel and then go downstairs
3Bridge (South)Leave the area, go to the bridge, and examine the map
4Recreation CenterTalk to the troublemaker, go south & outside, then return, save Rachel, and sleep
5Restoring PowerTalk to Rachel & Leslie, exhaust all dialogues
6Home BaseParty up with Rachel and explore the camp
7BridgeLeave home base (cross the bridge) and look at the map
8Summer Camp AreaExplore the area and avoid zombies
9Recreation CenterKill all zombies, examine the video game console to unlock the gallery room
10Gallery RoomExplore the area and hit salvage points (avoid south-east corner building)
11Home BaseBasement: Craft a fishing rod & ammo (need at least 8 bullets)
12Boy’s Cabin StreamFish until your rod breaks, then go to the south-east corner building, kill zombies, and rescue Caroline
13KitchenTalk to Leslie, eat dinner, exhaust all dialogues until power goes out
14Home BaseCraft a flashlight, party up with Caroline, and go to the power plant (north-west area of the campsite)
15Power PlantElevator (east side), leave it and go east, enter the north door
16Power Plant (Continued)Examine files on the computer, upgrade security level, go east until the end, then go south and enter the room (Z-cola)
17Power Plant (Continued)Leave and go west, enter the room south of the computer room, go south (kill electric zombie), kill next room’s zombie, examine the computer at the end, read documents (password) and upgrade security level (level 3)
18Power Plant (Continued)Go back to the main area, use the door to the south, and enter the room with panels
19Power Plant (Continued)Turn on the power and leave the power plant

Seeds of Resolve

1Natasha’s HouseTalk to Natasha, get or craft a Shovel
2Lakeview SectionParty up with Natasha and go to the Lakeview section
3North East SectionHead to the north-east section of the area
4Camp Zomi Botanical GardenFind the Camp Zomi botanical garden, let Natasha remove the bush
5GardenHead east and enter the shack, examine the sparkling item, pick up the brute club
6Garden (Continued)Kill the zombie, examine the picture (location of the key), get the key, and enter the greenhouse
7GreenhouseNatasha: Turn all the valves
8Greenhouse (Continued)Leave the greenhouse (north exit), SAVE, and examine the plant monster
9Plant MonsterShoot all the red flower minions first, damage the boss three times (ammo will spawn in the lower right corner)
10Plant Monster (Continued)After the cutscene, grab the Z-cola and also the Herbology notes

The Final Battle

Requirement = Complete Talia’s Quest, also get enough L*st energy – Talia will tell you if it’s enough)

  1. Town Hall: Exit to the north and keep going until you find a barrier > Cross it if you have enough ammo & recovery items
  2. Wolves fight: Just don’t fight them in rage mode
  3. Serena’s fight: Attack the real one (purple aura), when she controls you simply dodge her attacks and attack the real Serena x3 times

A Dark Secret

1Power Plant – 2nd FloorAfter the credits, go down to the 2nd floor, head all the way east until the double doors
2Power Plant – ElevatorTake the elevator down
3Power Plant – Computer Room (Z-choice)Reach the room with a computer, but go to the window (Z-choice)
4Old TownGet or craft a Metal cutting saw, go to Old Town (south of the weird lodge)
5Old Town – ShackCut the fence and enter the shack, kill the zombie, and get the hotel lodge key
6Old Hotel – UpstairsGo upstairs and east, enter the room, and find Ann’s data (on the table)
7Return to AnnReturn to Ann
8Next Day – Downstairs (Call from Ann)Downstairs, receive a call from Ann
9Serena’s CaveGo back to the cave where you fought Serena, after the cut scenes, enter the rift and begin the Goddess Trial
10Goddess Trial – Lakeview Locked CabinTalk to the character in the Locked cabin of Lakeview area
11Goddess Trial (Repeat 1)Repeat the Goddess Trial two more times
12Goddess Trial – Lakeview Locked CabinTalk again with the character in the locked cabin

Zombies Retreat Guide & Walkthrough – Leslie

zombies retreat guide & walkthrough – leslie
zombies retreat guide & walkthrough – leslie
1Leslie (Morning – Outside)Talk to Leslie, craft the Water Heating Element, and give it to Leslie
2Bathroom (Midday)Talk to Leslie, bath scene, talk to her again
3Bathroom (Midday – with Leslie)Take a bath with Leslie, then talk to her in the kitchen
4Restoring Power QuestComplete Restoring Power Quest, talk to Leslie (Night – TV – Home base), fix the VCR with x1 Electric Fuse
5Night – Home BaseWatch a movie with Leslie
6MorningTalk to Leslie (Morning)
7Boy’s CabinExamine the scavenge point, talk to Leslie
8Boy’s Cabin – NightWatch a new movie with Leslie, then sleep
9Morning (Next Day)Talk to Leslie (Morning), wait one day to progress with her
10Next MorningTalk to Leslie (Next Morning), Evening: Go to the Lakeview area, go to the private campsite (southwest corner), but save before, there are a lot of zombies
11Private Campsite – NightProtect Leslie against three waves of zombies, talk to Leslie (Night)
12Midnight – Private CampsiteMeet Leslie (with wine)
13Morning – Private CampsiteMeet Leslie
14Bathroom – MorningGo to the bathroom and interact with the hole (only available if Rachel has unlocked the door)
15Private Campsite – Cut SceneWatch the cut scene, get the movie
16Evening – KitchenFlirt with Leslie
17Night – Home BaseWatch the new movie with Leslie
18Midnight – Private CampsiteMeet Leslie (new option available)
19Morning – BathroomTalk to Leslie, craft the Bathtub Faucet, talk to her again
20Midday – BathroomTalk to Leslie, do it
21Evening – Private CampsiteTalk to Leslie, go to the private campsite with her
22Upstairs (Requires complete Rachel’s questline)Go upstairs (Requires complete Rachel’s questline)
23Upstairs (Requires complete Rachel & Caroline’s questline, and previous steps)Go upstairs (Requires complete Rachel & Caroline’s questline, and previous steps)


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