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War Robots Returns to China with a Revamped Experience


In a strategic collaboration with iDreamSky, MY.GAMES proudly announces the re-release of the popular shooter game, War Robots, on mainland China’s mobile app stores. This move follows the removal of War Robots from the Chinese platform in December 2020 due to the absence of a required ISBN registration, preventing continued distribution in the country.

Significant Market Presence:

China stands as one of the largest markets for War Robots, constituting a remarkable 20% of the iOS downloads for the game in 2021. Recognizing the strategic importance of this market, MY.GAMES has reintroduced the focal War Robots project in alignment with its expansion plans.

Elena Grigoryan, CEO of MY.GAMES, expressed, “Bringing the flagship project War Robots back to China aligns with MY.GAMES’ strategic plans. Shooter games are among the most downloaded genres in this market, presenting new opportunities for the further development of War Robots.

Enhanced Chinese Version:

MY.GAMES has not only brought War Robots back to China but also redesigned the Chinese version comprehensively. This redesign incorporates new content, features, and modes, accompanied by substantial improvements in the game’s graphics.

Game Success and Revenue Milestones:

War Robots has proven to be a lucrative venture for MY.GAMES, boasting a revenue exceeding $750 million as of April 2023. By August 2023, the game had garnered an impressive user base, with 250 million registered players. The game’s success is attributed to continuous updates and adaptations to meet player expectations.

Tailored for the Chinese Market:

The re-entry into the Chinese market is marked by customizations specifically tailored for the region. MY.GAMES has adjusted the game’s content and features to align with Chinese gaming preferences and expectations.

About War Robots:

Formerly known as Walking War Robots, War Robots is a mobile application developed and published by Pixonic. It falls under the category of real-time third-person shooter games, featuring multiplayer PvP battles in an online arena (MOBA). Players operate BattleTech-like robots directly on the battlefield. Initially released on iOS in 2014, the game later expanded to Android in the subsequent year.

Reviewers have praised War Robots for its engaging combat experience, earning a positive rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on 148apps.com. App Spy commended the game for its user-friendly interface and immersive gameplay, highlighting it as a “fun game that provides a realistic combat feel.

The return of War Robots to China not only marks a significant milestone for MY.GAMES but also promises an enriched gaming experience for the vast player community in the region.

War Robots Multiplayer Battles
War Robots Multiplayer Battles
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