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Unveiling the Secrets of Acquiring Acacia in Skull and Bones

Embarking on your journey in Skull and Bones is an exhilarating experience, and as you venture into the world of seafaring, building your own ship becomes a pivotal moment. Acacia, a vital resource, stands between you and your dream vessel. In this guide, we’ll navigate the waters of Sainte-Anne and uncover the elusive Acacia to set you on the path to shipbuilding success.

The Importance of Acacia

Acacia serves as the lifeblood for crafting your first ship in Skull and Bones. While your initial sail-equipped raft can manage short distances, unlocking the full potential of the game requires a sturdier and more capable ship. The Shipwright at Sainte-Anne awaits your return, but not without a request for essential supplies, with Acacia topping the list.

Harvesting Acacia – A Step-by-Step Guide

how to harvest acacia in skull and bones
how to harvest acacia in skull and bones

After your discussion with the Shipwright, consult your map to unveil markers adorned with logs, indicating Acacia locations. To kickstart your shipbuilding journey, follow these steps:

1. Equip Yourself

Before setting sail from Sainte-Anne, ensure you have crafted a Saw from the Carpenter’s store. The Saw is your key to harvesting Acacia, and it’s imperative to have it on your ship, not tucked away in your warehouse.

2. Navigate to the Right Spot

Choose a marker, and for optimal results, consider the recommended location highlighted in the provided screenshot. Once there, get as close to the shore as possible, preparing for the harvest.

3. Identify Acacia

how to harvest acacia in skull and bones 1
how to harvest acacia in skull and bones 1

Spotting Acacia is crucial, as it boasts a distinctive appearance with a light trunk and vibrant green leaves. As you approach the shoreline, a prompt reading “Harvest Acacia” should appear on your screen.

4. Exercise Patience

Acacia trees can be a bit temperamental, with prompts not always appearing consistently. If you encounter difficulty, try different locations by moving between markers until you find a responsive tree.

5. Harvesting Process

Once the prompt appears, let your Saw work its magic. Collect the Acacia, repeating the process as needed until you secure the required eight units for ship construction.

6. Explore Additional Sources

In addition to harvesting trees along the shoreline, keep an eye out for random Acacia logs floating in the water near the marked location. Hover over them with your ship, press the interact button, and bolster your inventory.


Armed with this guide, navigating the acquisition of Acacia in Skull and Bones becomes a seamless endeavor. Cruise through the marked locations, harvest the elusive resource, and return to Sainte-Anne with the necessary components to commence your ship’s construction. The vast seas await—set sail and carve your legacy in the thrilling world of Skull and Bones.

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