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Unveiling the Bombardier Padewakang Blueprints in Skull and Bones

Embark on a thrilling maritime adventure in Ubisoft’s long-awaited game, Skull and Bones. This pirate-themed title promises intense ship battles, looting, and the vast freedom of the seas. As you navigate through this world of treacherous waters and cunning pirates, you may find yourself in need of a powerful vessel. In this guide, we will reveal how to acquire the blueprints for the formidable Bombardier Padewakang ship.

Locating the Bombardier Padewakang Blueprints

Skull and Bones introduces a variety of unique ships, each with its own set of advantages for the ruthless battles on the high seas. If you’re seeking a potent offensive vessel for looting and destruction, the Bombardier Padewakang is an excellent choice. To obtain the blueprints for this mighty ship, follow the steps below.

1. Visit Telok Penjara

Head to Telok Penjara, the second-largest pirate city in the game, situated within the Vast Sea region. This expansive area separates the Red Isle and the East Indies. Expect enemies ranging from levels 8 to 10 and spontaneous rogue waves in this challenging part of the map. Once you reach Telok Penjara, the fast travel option becomes available.

2. Locate the Shipwright

Navigate to the eastern part of Telok Penjara and seek out the Shipwright. Among the various items offered, you will find the blueprint for the Bombardier Padewakang. This blueprint comes at a cost of 5,280 silver, and you must be at the Brigand Rank to make the purchase.

3. Crafting the Bombardier Padewakang

After acquiring the blueprints, the next step involves gathering the necessary materials to craft the Bombardier Padewakang. Visit the Shipwright again for assistance in fabricating this offensive vessel. The required materials and silver include:

  • 2,880 Silver
  • 4 Shallac
  • 4 Crude Saltpeter
  • 15 Steel Ingots
  • 15 Fine Ramie
  • 18 Ironwood Planks

Features of the Bombardier Padewakang

The Bombardier Padewakang is a medium-sized ship designed primarily for offensive-style combat. It boasts unique characteristics that make it a formidable force on the seas:

  • Explosive Power: The ship has a 70% chance of causing an explosion when firing at another vessel. If the target ship is already on fire, the explosion is guaranteed.
  • Blast Radius: With a substantial blast radius of 125 meters, the Bombardier Padewakang can deal 1,000 damage to the target.
  • Enhanced Damage: This ship increases damage to structures by 20% and expands the weapon radius by 15%.

Crafting Your Legacy in Skull and Bones

skull and bones roadmap
skull and bones roadmap

Skull and Bones offers a diverse selection of over 10 ships, with Ubisoft promising continuous content updates throughout the year. As you choose your vessel and engage in battles, consider the three ship types: Navigation, Firepower, and Cargo, each coming in sizes ranging from Extra Small to Medium.

The game’s future content will introduce additional ships, weapons, and enemies from around the world, catering to the endgame experience. Brace yourself for raids, challenging missions, and confrontations with pirate lords, offering rare loot and items. Your ship’s firepower and defenses will play a crucial role in overcoming these formidable foes, ensuring the safety of your cargo and loot.

Prepare to set sail as Skull and Bones releases on February 16 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on the Epic Games Store. May your journey through the seas be filled with plunder, victories, and the wind in your sails.

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