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How to play Palworld for beginners from A to Z

In Palworld, crafting advanced items such as the Grapple Gun and Pal Sphere Launcher requires the elusive Ancient Civilization Parts. These rare components are obtained through challenging encounters with powerful enemies and bosses. This guide will walk you through the process of acquiring Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld.

How to Obtain Ancient Civilization Parts:

how to get ancient civilization parts in palworld
how to get ancient civilization parts in palworld

1. Defeating Powerful Pals:

  • Large, formidable Pals roam the game world with marked spawn locations on the map.
  • These Pals have substantial health bars and are considered bosses.
  • By defeating these powerful Pals, you can obtain Ancient Civilization Parts.
  • The quantity of parts dropped is random, regardless of whether you catch or KO the Pal.

2. Cave Dungeon Bosses:

  • Explore cave dungeons located at specific spawn points, which are only available for a limited time before respawning.
  • Each cave dungeon features a giant Pal at the end, serving as the boss.
  • Defeating the boss at the end of the cave dungeon will reward you with a random amount of Ancient Civilization Parts.

Note: The amount of Ancient Civilization Parts obtained is variable and depends on the specific encounter. Additionally, bosses in both open-world encounters and cave dungeons contribute to your chances of obtaining these rare parts.

Before utilizing Ancient Civilization Parts, it’s essential to unlock the corresponding technologies. Ensure you’ve earned Ancient Technology Points by referring to our guide on earning these points in Palworld.

By successfully tackling these challenging encounters, you’ll gather the Ancient Civilization Parts needed to craft high-level items and enhance your Palworld experience. Good luck on your journey!

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