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How to Move a Base in Palworld

In Palworld, as you progress and unlock advanced technology, you might find the need to move your base for better resource-gathering and efficiency. The process of moving your base is not explicitly explained in the game, but it can be done. Here’s a guide on how to move your base in Palworld:

How Many Bases Can You Have?

Palworld allows you to have three active bases. Initially, you can only have one base. After reaching base level 10, you can build a second base. Once you achieve base level 15, you can establish a third base.

Steps to Move Your Base:

  1. Dismantle the Palbox:
    • Unfortunately, Palworld doesn’t provide an option to pick up and move your base directly. You need to dismantle the Palbox, which will automatically dismantle all other base facilities.
    • This includes items like egg incubators, Pal beds, ranches, etc. You will receive the material cost back for each facility.
  2. Pal Retention:
    • Dismantling a Palbox will automatically send any working Pals to your box. They are unharmed, and none of them disappear.
  3. Retain External Structures:
    • Workbenches, homes, and other structures built outside the base will remain intact. You can choose to dismantle them through the build menu if needed.
  4. Find a New Base Location:
    • Scout the map for a suitable location for your new base. Ensure there is enough space to place a new Palbox.
  5. Build a New Palbox:
    • Once you’ve found a new location, build a Palbox and reconstruct any other facilities you want.

By following these steps, you can effectively move your base to a new location in Palworld. Keep in mind that you’ll need to rebuild the dismantled facilities at the new base, but this process allows for flexibility and adaptation as you progress in the game. If you need suggestions for base locations, refer to the guide on the best base locations in Palworld.

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