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Tales & Dragons: NewJourney – Embark on an Epic Fantasy Adventure on Android & iOS

Platform: Android | iOS Pre-registration – Global Publisher: UPJOYJOY

Introduction to Tales & Dragons: NewJourney

Prepare to immerse yourself in the enchanting realm of Tales & Dragons: NewJourney! This captivating free-to-play open-world fairy tale idle RPG strikes the perfect balance between work and gaming. Whether you’re at the office or on the go, you can level up your heroes and engage in epic adventures within this fantastical world of fairy tales and dragons.

In this grand adventure, you are the chosen Dreamer, destined for greatness. Join forces with a diverse cast of fairy tale heroes and set out on an exhilarating journey through an open-world fairy tale universe. Begin your adventure today and gain a head start with 1001 draws, propelling you into an epic quest to overcome the Shadow Tyrant!

Dragons, Magic, and Epic Battlestales & dragons newjourney

Tales & Dragons: NewJourney presents a world teeming with dragons and magic, offering a truly epic fantasy adventure. Prepare to engage in thrilling battles against a myriad of dragons with over a hundred uniquely designed fairy tale heroes at your command. Your journey takes place within the captivating land of Oz, promising an unforgettable fairy tale experience.

A Grind-Free Adventure

Leveling up becomes a breeze with the game’s auto-play feature. Say goodbye to the tedious grind as you effortlessly progress through the game. The multi-line auto-play system ensures that you can fully immerse yourself in the game without getting stuck at a particular level.

Fantastic Beginnings and Generous Rewardstales & dragons newjourney

Your journey begins with a fantastic welcome gift! Upon logging in, you’ll be rewarded with 1001 draws, setting you off on your adventure on the right foot. The generosity continues with rewards such as legendary heroes and newbie bonuses during your first eight days in the game.

Strategic Deck Evolution

Prepare for intricate battles that rely on strategic planning. Explore the nuances of statistics and skill interactions, experiment with magical Relics, and harness the unique abilities of each hero. Tailor your formations and utilize divine artifacts to make every move count in your quest for victory.

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Thrilling Showdowns with Bosses

Intense battles await as you lead your team of heroes into heart-pounding showdowns against the malevolent boss, Shadow Tyrant. It’s your chance to restore greatness to the fairy tale world through your strategic prowess and heroism.

Connect with the World of Tales & Dragonstales & dragons newjourney

For more information and updates, visit the official Tales & Dragons: NewJourney website: https://h5.upjoyjoy.com/tnd/index.html

Join the official Facebook fan group: https://www.facebook.com/TNDNewJourney

Stay updated on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TNDNewJourney

Tales & Dragons: NewJourney
Tales & Dragons: NewJourney
Developer: UPJOYJOY
Price: Free
‎Tales & Dragons: New Journey
‎Tales & Dragons: New Journey
Developer: UPJOYJOY
Price: Free+
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