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Honkai: Star Rail Closes 2023 with Version 1.6 – Crown of the Mundane and Divine

As 2023 draws to a close, HoYoverse is set to release Honkai: Star Rail’s version 1.6, titled “Crown of the Mundane and Divine.” Ahead of the highly-anticipated Peacony world expansion showcased at The Game Awards, this update promises a thrilling conclusion to the year. Let’s delve into what Crown of the Mundane and Divine has in store for players.

New Exploration and Characters

The update introduces a previously inaccessible area, the Borehole Planet’s Old Crater, located in the Seclusion Zone of Herta Space Station. Madam Ruan Mei, a character involved in cloning cultivations, discovers an anomaly— the Swarm King prototype and Swarm Disaster Entity. The chaos resulting from this discovery opens up the Old Crater for exploration, providing players with challenging situations to navigate.

Simulated Universe: Gold and Gears DLC

Madam Ruan Mei takes center stage in a new DLC titled “Simulated Universe: Gold and Gears.” She successfully develops a simulated Nous and freezes space-time right before the death of Emperor Rubert. A unique mechanic, the Path of Erudition, is introduced, utilizing a six-faced dice that can be slotted with Dice Face Effects unlocked by gathering Trailblaze Secrets.

Critter Pick Scavenging

Adding a delightful twist to the gameplay, players are tasked with nurturing adorable little lifeforms in the “Critter Pick Scavenging” mission. Completing various nurturing objectives allows players to build a squad of the cutest creatures. This unique mission adds a charming element to the game’s diverse experiences.

New Characters and Events

Version 1.6 features several new characters, including Madam Ruan Mei, Dr Ratio, and Xueyi. The Panta Rhei event warp is set to kick off, granting players access to the Dr Ratio character. Additionally, players can redeem Honkai: Star Rail codes to enhance their gaming experience.

Honkai: Star Rail’s version 1.6, “Crown of the Mundane and Divine,” is scheduled for release on December 26th. Players can anticipate an immersive and action-packed experience as they explore new territories, engage with new characters, and unravel the mysteries presented in this exciting update.

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