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Capcom Faces Backlash for Enigma DRM in Monster Hunter Rise Update

In a recent update to Monster Hunter Rise, Capcom has reportedly added Enigma Protector, a lesser-known Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution, stirring up controversy among PC gamers. This move follows a similar uproar when Capcom introduced Enigma Protector to its older games, causing performance issues like stuttering and frame rate drops in titles such as Resident Evil Revelations.

Key Points:

  1. Previous Controversy: Capcom faced criticism previously for incorporating Enigma Protector into its back-catalog of games, prompting the company to withdraw the update for Resident Evil Revelations and issue an apology.
  2. Recent Update: Reports indicate that the latest Monster Hunter Rise update includes Enigma Protector, reigniting concerns among PC gamers who are inherently skeptical of DRM.
  3. Unverified Image: A screenshot in hexadecimal code allegedly shows the words “Enigma Protector,” suggesting its presence in the Monster Hunter Rise update. The authenticity of the image is yet to be verified.
  4. Capcom’s Stance: Capcom has a history of opposing game modding and holds strong views against piracy on the PC platform. The choice to use Enigma Protector has raised questions and sparked a PR challenge for the gaming giant.
  5. Enigma Protector Description: According to the Enigma Protector website, the software offers features to protect executable files from illegal activities such as copying, hacking, modification, and analysis. It aims to make software resistant to cracking, emphasizing security measures like attack-proof crypto algorithms and code obfuscation.
  6. Player Concerns: PC gamers argue that the gaming experience should not be compromised for legitimate users due to the implementation of DRM. The controversy highlights the ongoing tension between game developers, DRM solutions, and the gaming community.
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