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VALORANT Unveils Outlaw: The Game-Changing Addition to Weapons Arsenal

The gaming community is abuzz with excitement as Riot Games introduces the Outlaw, poised to shake up the VALORANT battlefield with its unique specifications.

Outlaw: A Mid-Range Marvel


Three years after VALORANT’s inception, Riot has expanded its arsenal by adding the Outlaw, a weapon long in the making and now making waves among gamers. Positioned as a mid-range sniper rifle, its price point lies between the Marshal (950) and the Operator (4700). This introduction offers players an enticing option, promising increased utilization in forthcoming iterations.

Unveiling Outlaw’s Specifications

Riot’s official release on the Outlaw showcases its pricing at 2400 credits. The weapon’s damage statistics reveal 230 for Headshot, 140 for Bodyshot, and 119 for Legshot. While specifics about its scoped functionality remain elusive, the weapon employs a 2-round burst mechanism, capable of piercing certain wall areas.


The Game-Changing Potential

Outlaw’s potential is evident with its competitive pricing and enhanced damage output. While it may not guarantee a one-shot Bodyshot, the significant improvement to 140 damage compared to the Marshal positions it as an appealing choice for players. At 2400 credits, tactical options expand, enabling faster power accumulation for an elevated combat experience in the forthcoming season.

Community Anticipation and Impact

Excitement reverberates within the Vietnamese VALORANT community. Across forums, gamers express fervent anticipation and praise for the potential dominance of the Outlaw. Many players anticipate early possession due to its cost-effectiveness, potentially intensifying Half-buy rounds like never before.

The impending arrival of the Outlaw signals a significant shift in VALORANT’s gameplay, setting the stage for new strategies and thrilling encounters.

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