HomeGameRev Up Your Engines: Rocket Racing v28.20 Unleashes Adrenaline-Pumping Action!

Rev Up Your Engines: Rocket Racing v28.20 Unleashes Adrenaline-Pumping Action!

Get ready for heart-pounding excitement as Rocket Racing v28.20 takes the stage! 🚀

Accelerate on Advanced Tracks

In this latest update, Rocket Racing introduces two thrilling Advanced tracks that will push your rocket racing skills to the limit. Buckle up and prepare for the ride of a lifetime!

festive falls 2
festive falls 2
  1. Festive Falls 2: If you enjoyed the festivities of the original Festive Falls, hold onto your helmets! The sequel promises twists, turns, and heart-stopping hazards all the way to the finish line. Prove your mettle in ranked racing once you reach Platinum I.
  2. Day Drifting 2: The sequel to Day Drifting is not for the faint of heart. Brace yourself for an unrelenting, winding road that demands mastery of sideways driving. Unlock Day Drifting 2 when you achieve Platinum I status in ranked racing.

    rocket racing v28 20 day drifting 2 1920x1080 350007012267
    rocket racing v28 20 day drifting

New Quests, New Drift Smoke Colors

rocket racing v28 20 drift trails 1920x1080 2c79e602cd93
rocket racing v28 20 drift trails

Show off your rocket racing prowess and leave your rivals in the dust with new Drift Smoke Trail colors. Seven Ranked Challenges have been added to the Season Zero Tune Up Quests. Your mission? Complete a certain number of races at specific rank tiers. For instance:

  • Complete 10 races at Gold tier or above: This achievement unlocks the Orange Drift Smoke Trail – a vibrant addition to your rocket’s visual flair.

Collect all the Drift Smoke Trail colors by taking on these challenges! But don’t delay – Season Zero Tune Up Quests, including Ranked Challenges, will be available until March 26, 2024, at 12 AM ET.

Major Improvements and Bug Fixes

We’ve heard your feedback! The v28.20 update addresses collisions, both player-to-player and with the environment. Say goodbye to extreme impacts – collisions are now smoother, enhancing the overall racing experience. Plus, other notable improvements and fixes await you.

  • Hazards no longer turn off thrott: Enjoy a more seamless race without unexpected interruptions.

Get ready to ignite your engines and conquer the tracks in Rocket Racing v28.20! 🏁

Feel free to use this revised content to engage your audience and optimize your Rocket Racing experience. Happy racing! 🚀

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