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Renowned Artist Yusuke Murata Establishes Animation Studio and Unveils New Anime Series

Yusuke Murata has announced the establishment of his own animation studio in Japan along with an original anime project.

Introducing “Zaiyuki”

The mastermind behind the One Punch Man manga, Yusuke Murata, revealed his plans to venture into the animation world with a project titled “Zaiyuki.”

Diving into “Zaiyuki”

Murata shared insights into his anime endeavor, revealing that the project began in March 2023 and officially commenced on the first day of 2024. Several teaser videos for his new anime were unveiled, showcasing dynamic and captivating fight sequences reminiscent of One Punch Man.

Birth of “Village Studio”

Formerly referred to as a “working group,” Murata’s studio was renamed “Village Studio,” implying that necessary paperwork has been completed with relevant authorities, allowing them to operate as an animation studio.

Unveiling “Zaiyuki” Synopsis


Although details on the project are limited, the storyline of “Zaiyuki” has been disclosed. It revolves around a kappa boy named Goyjo, who, despite his lack of success in traditional activities, embarks on a journey abroad after receiving a peculiar egg from an old man at the airport. This egg hatches into a martial arts-proficient monkey, akin to the inspiration behind Dragon Ball, Sun Wukong.

Murata’s Multifaceted Pursuits

Yusuke Murata has previously dabbled in animation, creating short films for One Punch Man and contributing to Eyeshield 21.

Intense Work Schedule

While maintaining a strenuous schedule, juggling various projects, Murata has actively engaged in creating new content for Eyeshield 21, collaborating on Dragon Ball covers with other mangaka, and completing new chapters for One Punch Man. The recent brevity in the manga’s final chapters, ranging from 35 to 50 pages and now 15 pages for the last three chapters, might be attributed to this busy schedule.

This announcement of Murata’s new animation studio has stirred both excitement and concerns among fans, raising questions about his capacity to continue producing One Punch Man manga at the pace he used to, considering the substantial commitment required for managing a studio and producing an anime—a notably more time-consuming endeavor, especially during its initial stages.

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