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One Piece: Oda’s Crucial Hint on Who’s Stronger Between Shanks and Mihawk

The world of One Piece is renowned for its intricate stories and captivating characters, with Shanks and Mihawk standing out due to their unparalleled rivalry. Over the years, the intense competition between these two characters has become legendary, marked by countless battles that echo throughout the Grand Line and spark heated debates among fans about who is the stronger of the two.

Oda’s Revelation

Recently, with the abolishment of the Shichibukai system and the emergence of the Cross Guild organization, author Eiichiro Oda provided additional insights into the ongoing debate about who is stronger between Shanks and Mihawk. While detailing the skills of Cross Guild members, Oda emphasized that Mihawk’s swordsmanship is incomparable, even surpassing that of Shanks. This revelation offers a fresh perspective on the capabilities of each character.

Is Shanks Stronger Than Mihawk?

shanks 1
shanks 1

Oda’s statement suggests that while Mihawk may be the supreme swordsman, Shanks could hold the upper hand in an overall battle. This opens up the possibility that Shanks, with superior Haki abilities and undisclosed latent skills, might be the more formidable warrior in a holistic showdown. It’s interesting to note that, despite Mihawk being considered the greatest swordsman, his bounty does not surpass that of Shanks, indicating that Shanks holds higher esteem in the One Piece world.

The Broader Narrative

The rivalry between Shanks and Mihawk goes beyond a mere strength competition; it reflects the broader narrative of One Piece. Shanks serves as an inspirational figure for the main character, Luffy, while Mihawk plays a role in helping Zoro, Luffy’s swordsman, become stronger. The parallel development of these two pairs of characters suggests that, according to fate, Luffy will surpass Shanks, and Zoro will surpass Mihawk.

As One Piece approaches its climax, more information about Shanks, Mihawk, and the nature of their rivalry is expected to be unveiled. These details promise not only to enrich fans’ understanding of these two characters but also to illuminate their strengths and contributions to the overall storyline.

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