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New Updates Unveiled: Apex Legends™ Breakout Season

Legend Upgrades Take Center Stage

In the adrenaline-fueled realm of Apex Legends™, change is the only constant. With the upcoming Breakout season, legends are in for a treat with the introduction of Legend Upgrades. This revolutionary in-match progression system empowers players to customize their Legends, unlocking enhancements for both armor and abilities. Dive into the action and discover a game-changing experience that resets with each match, inviting you to explore diverse strategies.

EVO Points and Legend Evolution

Embark on a journey of evolution with the revamped EVO system. Earning EVO points throughout the Battle Royale unfolds a dynamic progression, impacting your Legend’s armor tier and unlocking unique upgrades at Levels 2 and 3. Choose your upgrades wisely, as decisions made here will shape your squad’s strategy for victory. Get ready to adapt and thrive in the ever-evolving Apex Games.

Reshaping the Armor Landscape

legend armor & shield cores
legend armor & shield cores

Apex Legends™ Breakout season brings a seismic shift to the armor dynamics. Bid farewell to Body Shields as loot items scattered across the battlefield. Instead, Legends will now sport inherent Legend Armor, scaling in capacity as they Level-Up. The core of this new system lies in Shield Cores, which contain the shield HP and can be exchanged or dropped like their predecessors.

Overcharge Mechanics

A thrilling addition to Breakout is the Overcharge mechanic. Picking up a higher level Shield Core temporarily boosts your armor, granting extra shield health for 30 seconds. It’s a game-changer that adds a strategic layer to every encounter, giving players a chance to turn the tide in their favor.

EVO Points: Unleashing the Battle Royale Potential

Earning EVO points becomes a key aspect of success in the Battle Royale arena. From dealing damage to squad wipes, various actions contribute to your EVO point tally. The underdog XP bonus for knocking a legend of higher level and the introduction of EVO Caches spice up the gameplay, creating a dynamic ecosystem where every move matters.

EVO Harvesters: A Strategic Resource

evo harvesters
evo harvesters

Enter the world of EVO Harvesters, strategically placed on every BR map. These harvesters activate after the first ring, providing squads with a chance to boost their EVO points. Interact with them wisely to secure a significant advantage for your team. Remember, Legend Upgrades and Armor changes are exclusive to Battle Royale modes.

EVO Caches: Rare Rewards Await

evo caches
evo caches

EVO Caches, a rare loot item, promise a burst of raw EVO, instantly leveling up your Legend when collected. Found in highly contested locations like vaults and supply drops, these caches add an element of risk and reward to the gameplay. Max-level Legends, beware – the EVO Cache won’t be available to you.

Conclusion: Breakout Season Unleashes a New Era

As we anticipate the Breakout season of Apex Legends™, the gaming landscape is set to transform. Legend Upgrades, revamped armor systems, and strategic additions like EVO Harvesters and Caches promise an exhilarating experience for players. Get ready to drop into the action, adapt on the fly, and celebrate the 5th Anniversary season with a bang. Stay tuned for the Breakout Patch Notes blog on February 12, 2024, for a detailed breakdown of each Legend’s upgrade tree. The Apex Games are evolving—are you ready to Breakout?

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