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Forspoken’s Magical Parkour: A Hidden Gem of 2023

Embracing Forspoken’s Parkour Brilliance

Forspoken, despite facing initial criticism for out-of-context protagonist lines, emerges as a hidden gem of 2023, showcasing unparalleled magical parkour. While overshadowed by other aspects, the game’s distinctive traversal system deserves recognition and praise.

The Magical World of Athia

Frey Holland, the protagonist, is transported to the enchanting land of Athia, offering players a vast open world to explore. Unlike traditional urban settings, Athia’s sprawling landscapes challenge conventional movement systems, leading the developers, Luminous Productions, to craft a unique approach to parkour.

Parkour Unleashed: A Symphony of Movement

forspoken's magical parkour 1
forspoken’s magical parkour 1

Forspoken’s parkour system revolves around Frey’s magical abilities, enhancing her agility in a visually stunning display. The game introduces a range of elemental skills, each contributing to Frey’s mesmerizing parkour repertoire. From basic movements like Shimmy and Flow to advanced techniques like quadruple jumps and teleportation, every skill adds depth to the traversal experience.

Elemental Mastery: A Journey of Progression

Frey’s magical abilities are categorized into Earth, Fire, Water, and Electricity. Each element unlocks a new set of skills, ensuring a gradual progression that keeps players engaged. The inclusion of a flaming whip, a magical surfboard, and short-range teleportation amplifies the joy of exploration.

Fluid Combat and Stylish Evasion

Forspoken seamlessly integrates parkour into combat, allowing Frey to elegantly evade enemy attacks with slides, flips, and twirls. The transition from exploration to combat mirrors the fluidity seen in open-world traversal, adding a layer of elegance to Frey’s sorcerous acrobatics.

Stamina: A Non-Intrusive Challenge

Despite the inclusion of a stamina meter, Forspoken rarely disrupts the flow of parkour. Various ways to replenish stamina during free runs contribute to a seamless experience. With mastery over movement options and animation timing, players can effortlessly navigate Athia without constantly worrying about stamina constraints.

The Year’s Second Best Parkour Experience

While not surpassing the excellence of Spider-Man 2, Forspoken claims the title of the second-best open-world traversal experience of the year. Its magical parkour strikes a balance between flair, fluidity, and speed, offering players a visually stunning and efficient means of exploration.

The Unfulfilled Fantasy Setting

Despite the brilliance of Forspoken’s parkour, the fantasy setting of Athia feels somewhat lacking in vibrancy. Sparse landscapes and repetitive environments dampen the overall experience, leaving players yearning for a more lively world to match the whimsy of magical movement.

A Call for Recognition and Future Prospects

As Luminous Productions faces closure and integration into Square Enix, the future of Forspoken remains uncertain. While a sequel may be a distant hope, the unique parkour features deserve a revival in future games. Square Enix should consider incorporating this exceptional traversal system into new titles to reignite the joy of free-running.

In conclusion, Forspoken’s magical parkour stands out as an unappreciated highlight of 2023, showcasing the potential for innovation in open-world traversal. As the gaming community reflects on the best of the year, let’s not overlook the enchanting journey that Forspoken offered through its magical, airborne exploits.

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