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Exploring the Universe: Galaxy Explorer – New Home

In the realm of gaming innovation, Galaxy Explorer: New Home emerges as a visionary masterpiece that beckons players to traverse a universe brimming with adventure. Developed by Mellow Games International, this early access game, available on both Android and iOS platforms, tantalizes gamers with its promise of a multidimensional experience. It’s not just a game; it’s an opportunity to cultivate a new civilization, explore uncharted territories, and engage in near-future battles.

Unveiling a New Universe


Galaxy Explorer: New Home introduces players to a future where space technology has surged forward, ushering humanity into a realm of boundless possibilities. The game invites you to embark on a monumental interstellar expedition to Astraia, a celestial expanse teeming with alien intrigue. Your objective? To construct a new haven for humanity amidst the cosmos.

Blending Strategy with Adventuregalaxy explore new home

This isn’t your typical game—it’s an amalgamation of strategy, exploration, and city-building elements. As you step into the shoes of a Galaxy Explorer, you’ll navigate a world cloaked in mystery and engage in open-world exploration designed exclusively for strategy enthusiasts. The journey unfolds as you venture forth, immersing yourself in the enigmatic extraterrestrial ecology while harvesting resources to establish an offworld base.

Thrilling Encounters Await

In your exploration, you’ll encounter indigenous life forms and their trials, each presenting an opportunity to harness the unprecedented energy source known as “LiveMetal.” This power infusion grants you new and formidable abilities that will shape your strategies in battles to come. One such challenge involves overcoming the Chonids, a voracious insectoid species, while unravelling the secrets surrounding “LiveMetal.”

Shaping Humanity’s Destiny

Your actions will be the linchpin of humanity’s new trajectory. As you construct outposts, you’ll wield the ability to customize them to your liking, crafting mighty fortresses or industrial hubs that align with your strategic vision. The expansive planetary terrain is divided among humans, aborigines, and the Chonids, each with their unique narrative and opportunities. Engage in thematic events such as guarding herb gardens, unearthing relics, and dismantling Chonid tunnel networks, promising a diverse array of gameplay challenges.

The Dawn of Battles

Engaging in battles takes on a fresh three-dimensional dimension, introducing a host of exciting elements. You’ll have access to potent long-range weaponry, aerial units, colossal combat machines, and even mega-structure weapons capable of overwhelming foes. With these tools at your disposal, the battlefield becomes a canvas for strategic brilliance.

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Champions of the Cosmosgalaxy explore new home

Recruiting heroes from diverse races adds another layer of depth to your conquest. Each hero boasts unique talents and combat prowess, rendering them indispensable allies. The combined might of your alliance and these heroic champions ensures that no challenge is insurmountable.

Unity in Diversity

Collaboration emerges as a cornerstone of your journey. While clashes are one facet, you can also aid fellow explorers by constructing bases, trading resources, and even lending your heroes to bolster their ranks.

Unravel the Cosmic Tapestrygalaxy explore new home

Galaxy Explorer: New Home isn’t merely a game; it’s an odyssey of exploration, strategy, and unity. As you venture forth, unearthing relics, conquering strongholds, and forging alliances, you’re woven into the fabric of an ever-evolving cosmos. Embrace the challenge, forge alliances, and craft your own cosmic legacy.

Join the Cosmic Community

Are you ready to take up the mantle of a Galaxy Explorer? Join the community on Facebook to connect with fellow adventurers, share experiences, and discover the secrets of Astraia: Official Facebook Fan Group.

Embark on Your Odyssey

Embark on your odyssey as Galaxy Explorer: New Home unfurls its cosmos on Google Play. The universe awaits your command, and the destiny of humanity hangs in the balance as you carve your path amongst the stars.


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