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Dream Shambhala: Merge Explore – Your Serene Sanctuary on Android & iOS

Official Launch + APK

Platform: Android

Description: Welcome to Dream Shambhala: Merge Explore by WH Mob GAMES! Have you ever found yourself disappointed with the complexities of life? Have you daydreamed about a sanctuary where you can escape the hustle and bustle, unwind, and savor a tranquil pastoral existence?

If you have, then this game is tailor-made for you! Here, you can shed the burdens of your mind and immerse yourself in a leisurely pastoral life. Dreamy Shambhala, a serene place nestled deep within the eastern mountains, beckons you with its allure and hidden mysteries waiting to be uncovered.

Game Features

dream shambhala merge explore
dream shambhala merge explore

Renovate and Restore Shambhala – Explore a Fantasy World: The game is as simple as swiping your finger to merge the items you need. By fulfilling orders, you can accumulate resources and gradually unlock various areas within Shambhala. From enchanting gardens to snow-covered peaks, from a tranquil courtyard to bustling snack streets, you’ll traverse Shambhala’s dreamy world through beautifully crafted structures.

Farming and Management – Create a Dreamy Countryside: Immerse yourself in real rural farming. Harvest crops, craft recipes, prepare delectable dishes, and craft your own warm and inviting countryside home. Don’t forget to nurture beautiful blooms in the flower shop and adorn your backyard.

Immersive Story – Experience Local Customs: Dive into Shambhala’s anecdotes through captivating storytelling. Join Amy in fulfilling the wishes of villagers, forging friendships, experiencing love, building connections, and encountering a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique personalities and their share of joys and sorrows.

Various Activities – Awaiting Your Participation: Experience different activities with distinct seasonal characteristics. Unlock exclusive decorations and immerse yourself in the Flower Festival, revel in the Temple Fair with your favorite characters, and celebrate romantic festivals together. Enjoy a sunny afternoon by the lakeside while fishing, relishing moments of leisure and carefree bliss. With activities spanning all four seasons and the ever-changing beauty of nature, Shambhala offers something special year-round.

dream shambhala merge explore
dream shambhala merge explore

Rebuild Shambhala: Take on the task of restoring Shambhala to its former glory. Construct buildings, plan farmlands, oversee harvests alongside designer Amy, and revive the prosperity of Shambhala!

“Dream Shambhala” is more than just a merging game; it offers a unique blend of farmland cultivation and area revitalization. Best of all, it’s free! Download this captivating merge game now and embark on an enchanting adventure in Shambhala! Whether you’re an Android or iOS user, your idyllic sanctuary awaits.

Dream Shambhala: Merge Explore
Dream Shambhala: Merge Explore


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