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Crafting Adventure: Building a Steerable Car in LEGO Fortnite 


LEGO Fortnite, a fusion of creativity and survival, empowers players to construct their world using colorful blocks. Crafting vehicles, like cars, adds an exciting dimension to the gameplay, allowing for swift exploration and travel across diverse biomes. In this guide, we’ll delve into the step-by-step process of building and steering a functional car in LEGO Fortnite.

Materials Needed

Gather the following materials to embark on your LEGO Fortnite car-building adventure:

  • 3 Activation Switches
  • 4 Castle Corner
  • 2 Yellow Wall 01
  • 2 Castle Floor 03
  • 4 Elegant Railings
  • 1 Castle Half Wall 05
  • 2 Castle Half Wall 01
  • 1 Dynamic Foundation
  • 2 Wood Foundation 01
  • 4 Rustic Floor 01
  • 4 Large Wheels
  • 1 Large Thruster
  • 2 Small Thrusters
  • 2 Adorned Railings

Step-by-Step Building Guide

Follow these steps to assemble your LEGO Fortnite car:

  1. Begin by placing the Dynamic Foundation on level ground.
  2. Add Castle Half Wall 05 on one side of the Dynamic Foundation.
  3. Position two Castle Corners behind the Castle Half Wall, protruding on both sides.
  4. Introduce another Castle Corner between the two previously placed.
  5. Fill the spaces between the three Castle Corners with Yellow Wall 01 on either side.
  6. Create a large wall by placing two Elegant Railings in front of the Castle Corners and Yellow Wall 01.
  7. On the Yellow Wall 01, place a Castle Corner on top of each to form tall towers on the left and right.
  8. Add Castle Floor 03 on both towers.
  9. Attach a Small Thruster on each side of the towers, facing outward.
  10. Install Activation Switches on both towers, facing inward.
  11. Break the Yellow Wall 01 on both towers, causing them to collapse into the Elegant Railings.
  12. Place Castle Half Wall 01 on the leftmost and rightmost Elegant Railings at the edge.
  13. Add Wood Foundation 01 on both Castle Half Wall 01.
  14. Place Rustic Floor 01 on the inner side of the left and right Wood Foundation 01.
  15. Attach an Adorned Railing on the Castle Half Wall 05 and another on the opposite side.
  16. Add a Large Thruster just below the Adorned Railing at the center of the Dynamic Foundation.
  17. Position an Activation Switch in the middle of the Dynamic Foundation.
  18. Place four Large Wheels on the four sides of the Dynamic Foundation.

Steering Your LEGO Fortnite Car

To maneuver your vehicle, follow these steps:

  • Press the middle Activation Switch to propel the car forward.
  • Utilize the left and right Activation Switches to steer the vehicle.
  • Remember to turn off the opposite switch before attempting a turn.

With practice, you’ll master the art of driving in LEGO Fortnite, exploring the vast landscape with your newly crafted steerable car. Embark on thrilling adventures and let your creativity drive you to new heights! 🌈🚗

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