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Cosplay Azure Musashi with big and white breasts

  • background: The IJN Musashi is the younger sister of the legendary Yamato and the middle sister of the Yamato class. Musashi was commissioned at Nagasaki on 5 August 1942, and was assigned alongside her sister Yamato and Nagato and Mutsu. She was assigned to the combined fleet and sailed to Truk to replace her sister as flagship of the combined fleet. When Admiral Yamamoto was killed, his remains were flown to Truk and put onboard a cabin aboard Musashi and sailed to Japan for a state funeral. During the war, she hardly saw any action and was even hit by US submarine USS Tunny. She was sent back to Japan for repairs and rearmament with depth charges being added. She participated in the battle of Leyte Gulf and was sunk by multiple torpedoes and air strikes just missing the Battle of Samar.
  • rarity: UR
  • ship type: battleship
  • stats: Musashi has extremely high HP and Firpower along with heavy armor and low evasion. She also has above average AA by IJN standards.
  • how to obtain: event pull


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