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에루아사가: A Heroic Action-Adventure RPG

Get ready for an epic adventure in the fantastical world of 에루아사가 (Eruasaga). This official launch marks the global release of an exciting Action-Adventure RPG available on both Android and iOS platforms. Dive into the Erua continent, where your mission is to save the land from the menacing devil forces and become the true hero the world needs.

Game Features

A Myriad of Heroes

In 에루아사가, you have the chance to partner with over 100 heroes, each possessing unique skills and abilities. These heroes will be your companions on your quest to save Erua, making your future adventures more enjoyable and powerful.

Collect Heroes and Equipment Through Adventure

Embark on a thrilling journey across 60 stages, ranging from normal to hard and even hell difficulty levels. Your goal is to collect powerful equipment and heroes as you progress through the game, enhancing your abilities and strength.

Forge Equipment and Strengthen Your Team

Manufacture the equipment of your choice and unlock the most potent item set effects. Building a strong team is crucial, and through equipment customization, you can fine-tune your heroes to their full potential.

Castle System

Upgrade your castle and gather essential materials for equipment crafting. Engage in battles with other adventurers to plunder valuable resources. By stationing heroes within your castle’s buildings, you can safeguard your treasured assets.

Tower of Challenge

The Tower of Challenge presents a unique trial each day of the week. Conquer these challenges to earn evolution stones and skill Runes, empowering your heroes. Unlock secret levels to reap even greater rewards.

3 vs. 3 Team Battles

Assemble the most formidable heroes in 3 vs. 3 team battles. Strategic teamwork is key to victory as you clash with other players in intense battles.

Boss Raid

Gather 13 mighty heroes and prepare for the weekly boss raid. Defeating these formidable foes grants you the opportunity to acquire 5-6-star equipment as a valuable reward.

For updates, tips, and interactions with fellow players, join the official Facebook Fan Group at https://www.facebook.com/GlobalEruaSaga.

에루아사가 (Eruasaga) offers an unforgettable journey through a magical world filled with heroism, adventure, and thrilling battles. Download the game today and become the hero who brings peace to the endangered Erua continent by vanquishing the devil forces. Your destiny awaits!

Developer: Neosonyx
Price: Free
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